QuantumLink is a three-pronged approach to HFC network management, ensuring coverage across all operational levels:



Remote Management and Monitoring

QuantumLink Central provides service providers with a cloud-native virtualized platform for telemetry-driven broad network oversight, allowing for remote diagnostics, performance optimization, firmware upgrades, and issue resolution. 

Node Level Management

QuantumLink Node offers targeted control and monitoring of amplifiers within a service group directly from the HFC Node, facilitating detailed local network adjustments and diagnostics. 

Local Level Management

QuantumLink Local is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection for direct, single amplifier configuration and monitoring via a USB-C connected dongle, providing immediate access to amplifier settings and performance data.

Overview of QuantumLink™

Get a peak into the power of remote management with QuantumLink


3 Remote Management2x

Efficient, Scalable Firmware Updates

Automate and expedite large-scale firmware deployments across your network.

QuantumLink automates firmware updates across extensive networks, ensuring devices operate with the latest security and performance enhancements while significantly reducing downtime and truck rolls.

2 Remote Management2x

Enhanced Network Reliability and Performance

Achieve optimal network health and minimize downtime.

Real-time insights and analytics enable proactive adjustments and troubleshooting, significantly improving network reliability and customer satisfaction.

2 System Amplifiers2x

Future-Proof Network Management

Adapt to evolving network demands with flexible, scalable solutions.

QuantumLink's modular design and standards-based LoRaWAN technology ensure that your network management capabilities can grow and evolve with your operational needs and customer demands.

1 Line Extenders 12x

Simplified Network Operations

Streamline your HFC network management to reduce implementation complexity and operational overhead.

QuantumLink leverages existing network infrastructure and integrates with MSO tools through its northbound interfaces, making network management easy, fast, and efficient.

1 Remote Management2x

Reliable Security Measures

Ensure the highest level of network security and data protection.

QuantumLink employs advanced security protocols, including AES128-bit encryption and authentication, to safeguard sensitive network data and management commands. Its standards-based LoRaWAN technology provides a secure communication framework, ensuring end-to-end encryption and maintaining the integrity of network operations. 

2 Line Extenders2x

Deliver Cost and Time Efficiency

Reduce operational costs and expedite issue resolution.

By minimizing the need for physical site visits and enabling faster problem identification and resolution through remote access, QuantumLink significantly cuts down on OpEx and time. And with proactive, insight-driven data, the scheduling of maintenance has never been easier. 


  • Remote Monitoring and Management: Centralized control over your HFC network, enabling remote diagnostics, maintenance, firmware updates, and optimization.
  • Ingress Management: Efficiently identifies and mitigates signal ingress points, utilizing advanced signal analysis for precise network adjustments.
  • AI-Based Problem Solving: Enable machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics and automated network optimization.
  • Node-Level Insights: Manage groups of amplifiers within service groups for targeted performance enhancements and troubleshooting.
  • Direct Local Access: Immediate, dongle-enabled access to amplifier settings for on-site configuration and monitoring.
  • Standards-Based Technology: Built on proven, reliable, open-source technology, ensuring security and interoperability.
  • Operational Simplicity: Designed for easy integration and use, leveraging existing infrastructure and supporting existing devices without major network alterations.
  • Scalable Architecture: Accommodates expanding network requirements, supporting millions of amplifiers and facilitating real-time data analysis for large volumes of information.



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