Fueling Your Network's Success with Superior Lasers and Photodiodes, Expertly Engineered for a Wide Range of Digital and Analog Applications, from Telecom and Datacom to Cable Television and Sensing Applications. Experience Our High Performance, Highly Reliable FTTH Modules, and Embrace the Future of Connectivity. 

TO with B lens

TO Lasers

Precision Packaging for Optics: Our TO (Transistor Outline) package delivers high-performance encapsulation for optical components, enhancing your optical network solutions.


Coaxial 1


The Gold Standard in Light Source Integration: Leverage AOI's TOSA (Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly) for precise light source integration, ensuring top-tier data transmission in optical networks.


Coaxial PD transparent


Unparalleled Optical Signal Detection: Experience unparalleled signal detection with our ROSA (Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly), a cornerstone for efficient optical datacom and telecom systems.


Diplexer transparent v2

BOSA Components

The Future of Compact Optical Communication: Optimize both transmission and reception in one with our BOSA (Bidirectional Optical Sub-Assembly), embodying the future of compact optical communication.




AOI Optical Components [English]