At AOI, we specialize in providing top-tier datacenter optical transceiver solutions. Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of modern datacenters, offering custom and versatile options for enhanced connectivity and network performance.

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Precision Engineered for Network Excellence
AOI's range of lasers, integral to datacenter optical solutions, are meticulously engineered to provide reliable, high-speed performance. These lasers form the backbone of efficient datacenter operations, facilitating rapid data transmission and processing.

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Optical Components

Custom Optical Components for Datacenters
Our custom optical components are tailored to enhance datacenter infrastructure. They are developed with precision to ensure optimal integration with datacenter optical transceivers, supporting the diverse needs of modern data centers.

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Optical Transceivers

Advanced Optical Transceivers for Datacenters
AOI's datacenter optical transceivers are at the forefront of network technology. They are designed for seamless integration into datacenter environments, ensuring high bandwidth and low latency communication crucial for datacenter efficiency.

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