The Backbone of Modern Networking

AOI optical transceivers are designed for optimum performance in pluggable and optical small form factor applications. They offer enhanced RF modulation and full compliance with GR-468 Telcordia standards, making them suitable for high-end optical computing and telecommunications.

QSFP DD 800G 001 transparent

Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Double-Density (QSFP-DD) Modules

Experience unparalleled bandwidth with our QSFP-DD Modules. These double-density quad small form-factor pluggable modules are engineered to meet the demands of tomorrow's data-intensive applications, offering high-speed optical networking solutions.


QSFP 40G 001 transparent

Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP) Modules:

Our QSFP Modules optimize data rates and scalability. As a cornerstone of high-density optical communication, they ensure fast and reliable transmission, catering to the needs of complex optical computing and networking systems.


SFP 10G Tunable cropped

Tunable Modules

Boost your cable network's adaptability with our Tunable Modules, tailored for dynamic wavelength adjustments, ensuring efficient and versatile optical connections in PON architectures.


SFP+ transparent

SFP Transceivers

Explore our range of SFP Optical Transceivers, designed for seamless data transmission across varying bandwidth needs. These transceivers are integral to optical small form factor applications, providing dependable connectivity in diverse networking environments.


OSFP 400G 001 transparent

OCTAL Small Form-Factor (OSFP) Modules

Our OSFP Modules push the boundaries of optical transmission performance. These octal small form-factor modules are crafted to drive high-speed data connectivity, addressing the evolving requirements of optical computing and high-performance networking.