Products Offered

QSFP 40G 001 v2

40G Transceiver:

Experience enhanced data connectivity with our 40G QSFP Transceiver, tailor-made for robust, high-density networking environments and cloud infrastructures.

QSFP 100G 001

100G Transceiver:

Upgrade your data transmission speeds with our 100G QSFP Transceiver, perfect for high-performance computing and enterprise data centers.

QSFP 200G 001

200G Transceiver:

Navigate the demands of evolving tech landscapes with our 200G QSFP Transceiver, optimizing optical links in modernized networks and storage systems.

QSFP 400G 001

400G Transceiver:

Push the boundaries of optical communication with our 400G QSFP Transceiver, the choice for ultra-fast, efficient, and seamless connectivity in next-gen data hubs.