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Quantum18 | 1.8GHz Line Extender

The Quantum18 Line Extender is expertly designed for CATV networks operating at 1.8GHz, ensuring superior signal strength and quality. With seamless integration into existing back housings and advanced electronic features for comprehensive local and remote monitoring and control, it epitomizes our commitment to expertise, reliability, and innovation.

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Quantum12 | 1.2GHz Line Extender

The Quantum12 Line Extender stands as an industry proven industry-proven for 1.2GHz CATV networks, offering amplified signal strength and unparalleled quality.

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1 Line Extenders 12x

Uncomplicated Installation and Maintenance

The Quantum Line Extenders fit effortlessly into existing GainMaker LE Housings, making installations hassle-free and maintenance convenient.

2 Line Extenders2x

High-Performance GaN Gain Stage Technology

With superior GaN gain stage technology, the Quantum12 and Quantum18 Line Extenders provide excellent signal amplification, ensuring consistently high-quality broadcasts.

3 Line Extenders2x

Future-Proof and Efficient

The Quantum18 HG 1.8GHz Line Extender supports DOCSIS® 4.0 and full 10Gbps downstream data rates, equipping your network for future needs and offering increased power efficiency.

Superior Connectivity with AOI's Cable Line Extender Solutions

AOI, where innovation meets reliability in our advanced Cable Line Extender solutions. Designed to elevate signal strength and quality in CATV networks, our products offer seamless integration, eliminating the need for extensive system overhauls and ensuring reliable, high-speed connectivity. Discover how AOI's Line Extender can meet industry demands, enhance network performance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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