Q18 HGD flat 410

HGD 1.8GHz System Amplifier

A high gain dual system amplifier designed to enhance signal performance in HFC networks. Its advanced gain block technology, compatibility with existing back housings, and superior electronics for control and monitoring make it a reliable choice for improved network performance.

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HGBT 1.8GHz System Amplifier

Designed for seamless integration and high-quality signal performance, the Quantum18 High Gain Balanced Triple fits effortlessly into GainMaker SA Housings. With direct access to RF test points and robust surge-resistant circuitry, it offers reliability and innovation in one package.

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Quantum18™ Solution Overview

See the unmatched benefits Quantum18 offers. Signal performance, installation ease, remote monitoring, and much more!


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GaN Technology for Exceptional Signal Performance

Powered by high-performance Gallium Nitride (GaN) gain stage technology, Quantum18 1.8GHz System Amplifiers delivers unmatched signal strength and quality. This innovative feature guarantees reliable and high-speed connectivity, ensuring your network always operates at peak performance.

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Seamless Integration with Current Infrastructure

The Quantum18 System Amplifier is compatibility with existing GainMaker SA Housings allows for seamless integration into your network. This eliminates the need for extensive system overhauls, saving you time and resources while ensuring an efficient upgrade process.

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User-Friendly Design for Hassle-free Installation and Maintenance

With accessible RF test points and spring-loaded seizure assemblies, the Quantum18 1.8GHz System Amplifier offers easy installation and maintenance. This user-friendly design enables quick troubleshooting and optimization of your network, making it an ideal solution for maintaining smooth network operations.


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