Q12 HGD flat 410

HGD 1.2GHz System Amplifier

Built with high-performing GaN gain stage technology, offers unparalleled signal strength and quality. It's designed for effortless integration into existing GainMaker SA Housings, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

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Q12 HBT flat 410

HGBT 1.2GHz System Amplifier

Your answer to exceptional signal performance in CATV networks. With accessible RF test points and spring-loaded seizure assemblies, it ensures easy installation and maintenance without compromising on performance.

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1 System Amplifiers2x

Unrivaled Signal Strength with GaN Gain Stage Technology

Experience superior signal quality like never before with the Quantum12 System Amplifier. Built with high-performance Gallium Nitride (GaN) gain stage technology, this amplifier ensures unmatched signal strength for your HFC networks.

2 System Amplifiers2x

Simplify Integration with Existing GainMaker SA Housings

Save time and resources with the Quantum12 System Amplifier. Designed for seamless integration into existing GainMaker SA Housings, it eliminates the need for housing replacement and makes integration a breeze.

3 System Amplifiers2x

Easy Installation and Maintenance with Accessible RF Test Points

Experience ease of installation and maintenance with the Quantum12 System Amplifier. Its accessible RF test points allow for easy signal testing, while the spring-loaded seizure assemblies ensure hassle-free installation.


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