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Quantum18 | 1.8GHz System Amplifiers

Experience the future of HFC networks with Quantum18 System Amplifiers. Operating at 1.8GHz, these amplifiers offer advanced electronics for optimal control and monitoring, meeting and exceeding industry standards.


Q12 HBT perspective 410

Quantum12 | 1.2GHz System Amplifiers

Designed for peak performance at 1.2GHz, Quantum12 System Amplifiers embody our dedication to reliable and innovative solutions. Their high-quality signal performance, compatibility with existing housings, and easy-to-access RF test points make them an essential upgrade for any HFC network.



1 System Amplifiers2x

Harness the Prowess of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology

Delve into the world of superior signal amplification, powered by Quantum's revolutionary GaN gain stage technology, the ultimate answer to CATV network signal enhancement.

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Maximize Compatibility with GainMaker SA Housing

Incorporate Quantum's HFC system amplifiers effortlessly into your existing GainMaker SA Housings, eliminating the need for housing replacement and saving both time and resources.

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Accessible RF Test Points: Streamlining Efficiency

Experience hassle-free, efficient testing with Quantum's uniquely designed HFC amplifier housing that enables access to RF test points without opening the housing.


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Install Guides:

Quantum12 1.2GHz System Amplifier [English]

Powerful Innovation for HFC Networks

Quantum18 and Quantum12 System Amplifiers demonstrate technological advancement and superior performance. These amplifiers seamlessly blend robust features like GaN gain stage technology and surge-resistant circuitry with ease of installation, offering cable service providers a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality or longevity. Choose the Quantum series for a transformative experience in HFC networks, where expertise, reliability, and innovation converge.