BA 1.8GHz Booster Amplifier

Engineered to operate seamlessly in 1.8GHz and backward compatible 1.2GHz environments, making it easy to integrate without extensive network modifications.

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Quantum18™ Solution Overview

See how Quantum18 enhances HFC network operations.


3 System Amplifiers2x

Signal Enhancement

Engineered to optimize signal levels, reducing attenuation and minimizing potential service disruptions in expansive network layouts.

2 System Amplifiers2x

Future-Proof Design

Supports higher bandwidth capabilities and deeper channel loading, which are crucial for next-generation network demands, such as DOCSIS 4.0.

1 System Amplifiers2x

Simplified Installation and Operation

Offers plug-and-play functionality with minimal configuration requirements, making it straightforward for network operators to deploy and manage without extensive training or technical support.


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