BA 1.8GHz Booster Amplifier

Expertly engineered to amplify signals between amplifiers in HFC networks. With its ability to fit various locations, low power consumption, and upgradable diplex filters, it stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

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Quantum18™ Solution Overview

See the unmatched benefits Quantum18 offers. Signal performance, installation ease, remote monitoring, and much more!


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Efficient Design for Maximum Impact

The Quantum18 is a low gain, low power amplifier with a small form-factor, expertly crafted to deliver efficient performance without occupying significant space. This design makes it an ideal choice for 1.8GHz network infrastructures, combining power efficiency with a compact build.

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SCTE 279 Standard Compliant with Easy Setup

Quantum18 not only conforms to the rigorous SCTE 279 1.8GHz amplifier specifications, ensuring industry-standard performance, but also boasts a user-friendly setup. With no need for plug-ins or controls, it offers a straightforward, hassle-free installation process.

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Targeted Signal Enhancement

Tailored for 1.8GHz designs, the Quantum18 excels in filling RF level gaps, particularly in scenarios like long untapped express cable runs or last-tap locations. Its focused functionality ensures consistent signal strength where it's most needed.


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