Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Modules

SFP MSA Compliant  •  DDMI Option
Duplex or Simplex BiDi versions  •  RoHS compliant


Application Wavelength1 Connector Type Media2 Description Part Number3
Ethernet/ Fiber Channel/CATV 1270-1610nm LC SMF SFP 5G 80km CWDM 1xx0nm Tx-Only  -20~93℃ A5ILZCxxSDGA0756
Ethernet/ Fiber Channel/CATV CH17-61 LC SMF SFP 5G 80km DWDM Chxx Tx-only DDMI  -20~93℃ A5ILZDxxSDOA0759
Ethernet/CATV 1260-1620nm LC SMF SFP 5G Dual PIN Rx Only -20~93℃ A5IL0000XDOA0745
Ethernet/CATV 1260-1620nm LC SMF SFP 5G Dual APD Rx Only -20~93℃ A5IL0000YDOA0775
Ethernet/ Fiber Channel/ SONET/ CPRI 1270-1610nm LC SMF SFP 5G 40km CWDM 1xx0nm PIN I-temp A5ILXCxxEDGA0798


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  1. Nominal center.
  2. SMF is single mode fiber per ITU-T G.652, MMF is mutlimode fiber 50/125micron and 62.50/125micron GRIN
  3. Ref. product data sheet for voltage and operating temperature options available (Ex. '3M' = DC data, PECL SD, 3.3V Supply, Tc = -5° to 70°C). All options may not be available for all modules.
  4. Declaration of Conformity to EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
  5. IECQ Hazardous Substances Process Management Certificate of Conformity