Distributed FOS  •  Customized Design
Industrial/Environmental Gas Sensing

Fiber Optic Sensing

These Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser modules are designed specifically for fiber optic sensor applications. The high power, wide temperature range, and narrow linewidth makes these lasers specially suitable for high sensitivity optical sensor development. The devices feature standard pin assignments (compatible with OC-48)
Application Package Wavelength Output Power Part Number
Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Butterfly (14-pin) 1530-1560nm C-Band 10mW DFB-XXX-BF-10-EC-Fx-Hx-N126
Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Butterfly (14-pin) DWDM CH20-62 25mW, 40mW DFB-XXX-BF-XX-CW-Fx-Hx-N347

Gas Sensing

This laser series have been designed specifically to satisfy the requirements of the gas sensing application. The devices feature high output power and wide operating temperature range.
Application Package Wavelength Output Power Part Number
Methane (CH4) Sensing Butterfly (14-pin) 1651nm, 1653.7nm 8mW , 12mW DFB-1XXX-BF-XX-CW-Fx-Hx-N127
Ammonia (NH3) Sensing Butterfly (14-pin) 1512nm, 1531.7nm 20mW DFB-1XXX-BF-20-CW-Fx-Hx-N127
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensing Butterfly (14-pin) 1578nm 10mW DFB-1578-BF-10-CW-Fx-Hx-N127
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Sensing Butterfly (14-pin) 1312nm 30mW DFB-1312-BF-30-CW-Fx-Hx-N127
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Sensing Butterfly (14-pin) 1580nm, 1590nm 10mW DFB-15XX-BF-10-CW-Fx-Hx-N127
Moisture (H2O) Sensing Butterfly (14-pin) 1392nm 20mW DFB-1392-BF-20-CW-Fx-Hx-N127
Moisture (H2O) Sensing Chip on Submount (COS) 1392nm 20mW DFB-1392-COS-20-CW-XX-N172