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WDM-PON Forum Announces New Board Members

SAN JOSE, CA, August 30, 2011 – The WDM-PON Forum, a three year-old organization dedicated to the advancement of Passive Optical Networking using Wavelength Division Multiplexing, today announced three new members to its Board of Directors, including Dr. Bas Huiszoon of Genexis, Mr. Jon Baldry of Transmode, and Dr. Alexander Niepel, of Nokia-Siemens Networks.

The new members join previous Board members including Mr. Bernd Hesse of Ericsson, Mr. Johan Henes of Lambda Networks, Dr. Stefan Murry of Applied Optoelectronics, and Mr. Stephan Neidlinger of ADVA, bringing the total number of Board members to seven.

“As WDM-PON technology continues to be adopted around the world, it is only appropriate that the Forum expand to include a broad range of viewpoints from many different regions,” said Mr. Hesse, Chairman of the WDM-PON Forum. “With the addition of these four distinguished individuals, the Forum is positioned to provide continued education and ongoing discussion around WDM-PON technology and the opportunities it provides in an increasingly connected society.”

The Board of Directors of the WDM-PON Forum is currently primarily engaged in the planning of the organization’s annual full day Forum Workshop, which will be held in conjunction with the Fiber to the Home Council’s annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on September 27, 2011.This year’s workshop will feature a broad cross-section of speakers from the WDM-PON community, representing carriers, analysts, equipment manufacturers and device suppliers. The purpose of the Workshop is to provide an opportunity to showcase the latest advances in applying the immense bandwidth available using WDM technology to the optical access market.

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