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Life in Houston

If you're considering joining the AOI team but currently live in another area, you may wonder "why would I want to move to the Houston area?"

After all, no matter how exciting the job, nobody wants to move to a rundown city. Fortunately, Houston is the vibrant center of a metropolitan area that is fun, dynamic and very livable, and AOI is located in one of the most pleasant parts of the Houston area.

AOI is located in Sugar Land, Texas. Sugar Land is located just south of Houston. Officially it is about 20 miles, but the cities' borders touch so it's easy to miss the switch. Sugar Land was originally a company town for a local sugar mill. Over time it evolved into a suburb of Houston. Today, the city has its own industrial and commercial base, as well as housing many Houston commuters.

Sugar Land offers the best of both worlds. It has a small, cozy feel, with affordable housing, great schools and a warm community. Its proximity to Houston offers all the amenities of a large city, such as a vibrant arts community, major league sports and fabulous restaurants. Indeed, many of our younger employees live in Houston and commute out to Sugar Land.

Newcomers to the Houston area, including most of the AOI staff, are often surprised by how different Houston is from their stereotypes of Texas. Indeed, many Houston residents have moved here from other parts of the country and the world to work in the city's vibrant petroleum, medical and aerospace sectors. Consequently, with its diverse population and rich culture, Houston feels very cosmopolitan.

Even better, Houston has a low cost of living. As the local chamber of commerce states:

The Second Quarter 2000 ACCRA Cost of Living Index shows that Houston's housing costs are about 13 percent below the nationwide average and 39 percent below the average for 19 metro areas over two million population. (ACCRA's Housing Index is based 80.8 percent on homeownership and 19.2 percent on rental occupancy.) Low housing costs are the main reason Houston's overall living costs are 4 percent below the nationwide average for places of all sizes and 19 percent below the large-metro average.