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Senior R&D Engineer - Semiconductor Laser Design and Modeling

Department: Chip R&D
Job Code: SPDRD1806


Responsibilities include design, modeling, simulation, and characterization of optoelectronic devices toward the development of new optoelectronic components. The candidate will be responsible for creating models and software to optimize device performance.


• Device design, modeling and simulation
• Electrical and optical characterization of semiconductor devices
• Written and oral reports
• Data analysis


PhD or MS in Electrical Engineering with equivalent experience


• 2+ years of work experience in semiconductor laser design is preferred
• Preferably having previous design experiences in one or more of the following areas: analog laser, high-speed laser, EML, tunable laser and photonics integration
• Exceptional new graduates are acceptable with appropriate academic experience


(1) Mastery of Matlab or other programming languages
(2) Good understanding of semiconductor laser and optoelectronic device theory.
(3) Experience with test equipment including network analyzer, bit error rate test, etc. is preferred.
(4) Publishing and conference presentations are highly encouraged.


Sugar Land, TX 

senior seminconductor laser design and modeling application