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Semiconductor Process Engineer

Department:  SPD
Job Code:  SPDWP1808


We are seeking a semiconductor process engineer with the availability to work night shift. The engineer will primarily be responsible for fabricating InP semiconductor lasers on wafer level inside cleanrooms and analyzing process data.

Job Duties

  • Develops or maintains various wafer process steps including photolithography, wet and dry etching, PECVD, metal deposition, and plating.
  • Compiles and evaluates process data into process reports to establish statistical process control (SPC), process yield analysis, and tool performance metrics to develop and characterize each process used in wafer fabrication.
  • Responsible for basic maintenance and calibration of production machines including mask aligner, hot plates, oven, PECVD, E-beam evaporator, and thermal processing.
  • Verifies part or process conformance to specification with approved inspection tools, such as optical microscope, profilometer, ellipsometer, and SEM (scanning electron microscope). .
  • Must be comfortable handling chemicals, including corrosive acids, bases, and solvents under hood environment with protective garments to do perform wet wafer processing.
  • Produces process procedures, work order instructions, drawings, and other production document to conform to specifications.


BS in Chemical/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science or related technical discipline.


At least 1+ years of laboratory environment experience.


  • Strong analytical skill, Detail oriented, Strong computer literacy skills
  • Must be comfortable with gowning into clean room (class-100) certified attire every day


Sugar Land, TX

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