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R&D SiPhotonics Engineer

Department: OMD RD
Job Code: OMDRD1814


Engineer to be in charge of develop SiPhotonics products, setup production line and transfer to production line to US/ Asia. SiPhotonics experience and/ or major is a must. Experience in semiconductor, modulator, AWG, PLC process is a plus.

Job Duties

  • Design and develop optical integration products from initial concept to production release.
  • Work closely with other design groups, support the team by providing appropriate design reviews, committing to development schedules, and meeting project milestones.
  • Build and transfer production line to US and Asia.


M.S. degree in Physics, E.E. Engineering or equivalent


2+ Years Automation experience in SiPhotonics, AWG, PLC, Modulator


Solidworks / Zemax; Thermal simulation; Optical simulation    


Sugar Land, TX 

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