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R&D Electrical Engineer

Department: OMD RD
Job Code: OMDRD1809


R&D engineer specialized in electrical/ optical engineering.

Job Duties

  • Assist in RF/electrical circuit design for optical transceiver /transmitter products. Be able to understand RF/electrical circuits and perform electronic components selection, functional verification test and related R&D.
  • RF, analog/digital mix circuit board trouble-shooting and repair.
  • Assist in RF/ electrical circuit design & function tests for optical transceiver/ transmitter products.
  • Firmware programming/ debug for microcontrollers used in optical transceiver/ transmitter products. Familiar with microcontroller and firmware programming. Skilled and knowledge in C, assembly, and IDE tools are preferred.
  • Develop/setup automatic test systems for optical transceiver/transmitter design verification tests and production tests. Be able to develop or setup testing fixture, evaluation boards and related testing equipments. Skill and knowledge in Labview programming is preferred.
  • Other laser devices tests. Knowledge in optics and lasers are preferred.


Bachelor or above in Electrical/Optical/ Computer Engineering


2+ years of industry experience


Microcontroller/ Firmware development experience  


Houston, TX 

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