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MBE Growth Engineer

Department:  SPD
Job Code:  SPDMBE1804


We are seeking a semiconductor growth engineer. The engineer will primarily be responsible for handle MBE growths independently and characterizing InP epitaxy.

Job Duties

  • Must be comfortable to handle fragile InP wafers with tweezers or holder.
  • Work in clean room environment with cleaning room gown, gloves and face mask.
  • Handle daily InP epitaxy characterization, including photoluminescence, x-ray diffraction, and microscope.
  • Handle molecular beam epitaxy growths, including loading wafer, transferring between ultra-high vacuum chambers and editing growth recipes.
  • Mass-production database input, growth data collection and analysis.
  • Assist routine MBE maintenance.


Bachelor or above in Physics or semiconductor related Engineering field.


Minimum 2+ years for MS and 5+ years for bachelor of work experience is required. Ultra-high vacuum experience is heavily favorable.


  • Basic computer operating skills required. Willing to work flexibly upon production requests. Careful about details and capable of reporting issues to senior engineers


  Houston, TX

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